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Hi Everyone. This is the 21st of 27 Idea Topics
I listed on three sheets of paper called:
“A Toolkit of Ideas For People With A Hearing Loss”
Sheet 1 Introduction Ideas 4 topics
Sheet 2 Toolkit Ideas 18 topics
Sheet 3 Closing Ideas 5 topics

21 Hearing Loss Profile: People with a hearing
loss should consider preparing a profile of their
hearing loss showing key hearing loss events,
dates in years and their age, assuming an
educated guess about how long you will live and
future plans you can pursue to survive with your
hearing loss. Below is a hearing loss profile I
prepared in 1995 and updated as a guide for self

Personal Hearing Loss Profile

Buzzing/ringing in ears………….—–1975—–50
Visit ENT & Otologist—————–1976—–51
Large drop in hearing……………—-1978——53
Shunt operation to reduce fluid
pressure in left ear/not helpful….–1979——54

Buy first hearing aids——————1980—-55
Visit two more otologists
Visit Three allergists for allergies
Visit two nutritionists for diet….—–1981-83-56-58
Early retirement due to hearing loss-1985—-60
Lose all hearing in left ear……..——-1995—-70
Joined HLAA/SHHH & ALDA———1995—-70

Buy pocket talker to hear better——1996—–71
Buy Vibrating alarm clock/travel—–1997—–72
Took lip-reading class-little help—–1998—–73
Took sign language class-no help—–1999—-74
Join SWC Club————————–2007—-82
Life expectancy————————-2025—100

Future Life Events
Lose hearing in right ear—————???
Have cochlear implant——————???
Loss of vision—————————–???
Hair cell regeneration——————-???

This profile made me think of future events that
can affect my life and what I could do about them.
It included such tools as joining support groups,
using assistive devices,learning lip-reading &
sign language, going deaf, considering a cochlear
and possibly losing my vision before my life
expectancy catches up with me.

Is preparing a hearing loss profile worthwhile?
Only you can determine that. I personally enjoyed
doing it and found it worth the time and effort it
took. Would appreciate hearing your thoughts and
feelings about a hearing loss profile as a hearing
loss tool.

Best regards Paul

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