We Are Everywhere and Approximately 300 Million People Strong, Globally……..

  Have you ever turned to your favorite t.v. series and wished it were captioned?  How many times have we sat through a movie wishing it were captioned on opening night?  Did you miss your train because you had no way of knowing it had arrived at the platform?  Did your emergency broadcast system caption the warning in your area of a tornado watch?  These and many other daily life happenings that hearing people take for granted and yet, we as hearing impaired, deaf, late deafened miss on a daily basis and are left out.

The time is NOW to get involved.   We are everywhere.  Collaborative Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC) is making a short film with YOU as the speaker.  CCAC is seeking volunteers globally to help make this short film.  CCAC has the producers and all they need are the volunteers to make a short video with a pre-arranged script that they provide for you.

Are you interested? Go to this link for all the information but hurry because the deadline is soon.  CCAC plans to debut the film in June at the IFHOH Conference in Norway.  Be part of the action, be part of the advocacy.  We are everywhere!

How this came about:

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