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Voice of the Editor

Kate Johnston

Copyright 2001

As you read this issue of the SWC Online Voices, the last for the year 2001, I hope you look at the last page, the "Thanks" page. The SWC is run by volunteers, and there's always a need for more. This page thanks the SWC Board of Directors (BOD), the members of the Hospitality Committee, the List Representative Committee, the Outreach Committee, and the people who help get out the SWC Online Voices.

But that's not all the volunteer opportunities within the SWC. If you're interested in volunteering, or finding out more, please write the BOD at swcbod@saywhatclub.com.

In this issue: Malisa Janes writes an important article about Vocational Rehabilitation. Neil Bauman talks about Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease, or AIED. Jane Schlau has an article addressing my suggested theme, "Dealing with family and friends during holidays." Michael Arleth writes his thoughts on the world at large. The second installment of Wia Kotzé's travelogue is in this issue. And last, but not least, we have a poem by Susan Hayes.

As always, if you have something to write, or suggestions, send them to me. I have a new SWC e-mail address, newsletter@saywhatclub.com. If anyone would like to help putting together the SWC Online Voices, let's talk.

Editor, SWC Online Voices


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