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A few years ago, I went on a skiing weekend with friends. We were supposed to ski; however there was a fluke heat wave that weekend. It was 70 degrees and the slopes were muddy, so we all decided to go horseback riding instead of skiing.

I had never gone riding before. The trail leader gathered us together in a group and asked us all a question. I heard, "I need someone who has little experience with horses," and I, being a novice horseback rider, eagerly waved my hand and said, "Yes, me, me!!!"

Well, guess what? I missed a few words from the leader. It turns out he wanted someone who has had a little experience to ride one of their more stubborn horses. YUP! He put me on that horse and awaaaaayy we went!

WOOAH! I am thankful that I was not decapitated on that wild ride. Ha, Ha, I am lucky to be a fast learner (I ducked under the trees) and held on for dear life. It was worth the wild ride, though, because now I have a great story to tell.

by Gina Devita

Last Saturday, ate dinner with a very HOH lady who just came from Mass. The Monsignor who conducted it was dining with us and said he wrote a book "Son of the Bishop". My friend laughed nervously and said "Imagine that?" I said "what". She said the Monsignor said "Son of a Bitch" . . .

She repeated it loudly enough for him to hear before I had a chance to correct her!!!

by Diana Fanuel

Early in my working life, fresh out of college I got a job running a landscaping firm. When owner realized I had a hearing loss, he got an amplified phone installed. Mind you, this was like 40+ years ago when this technology was new. It drove me crazy. Couldn't figure out why the sound was so strange. Turned out it was amplified all right - but it amplified my voice which echoed in my earpiece!!! I can still feel the "bong bong" reverberation when I think about it.

Diana Fanuel

A colleague of mine in county government was telling me she had a job opening and asked if I had any recommendations for a possible candidate.  Oh, boy, did I!  I knew the perfect candidate who at the time was looking for a job, and who had all the qualifications.  This was someone I had worked with for years and could personally recommend.

A few weeks went by and I ran into my colleague.  I asked her if she had spoken to the person I recommended. She said, "I fired her this morning."  I was dumbfounded!  I asked her how could this be?

I told her I had worked closely with this person for over five years, knew she was highly qualified for the position, she was always on time, did her job well, was easy to get along with, was great working as part of a team, etc. etc.

My colleague looked at me first with a puzzled look, then with a growing look of recognition on her face and said, "Oh, this is a hearing loss thing, isn't it, I said I HIRED her this morning!"

Gladys Russell

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