Voice of the Editor

c 1999

As I write this, the holiday season is upon us. This is a hectic time for many of us, and I hope you can take the time to sit, relax for a while, and read the December 1999 issue of the SWC Online Voices.  This is a rich issue, filled with a variety of gifts of our Voices, from poetry, to recipes, to articles about putting things in perspective.  We also have a few reports about the SWC San Diego Convention planned for July of 2000.  If you haven't already visited the webpage for the Convention, why not do it now?  http://www.saywhatclub.org/swc-events/sdcon.html

We introduce a new continuing feature of SWC Online Voices in this issue: CI Corner.  Here we publish articles about the process of getting a CI, or getting hooked up.   If you're at all curious about Cochlear Implants, here's one place to learn more.

Good News Department:  Announcing the marriage of Marianne Grabania and Martin Lock, who met on SWC Connect, an appropriately-named list!  Their WeddingMoon in Nassau, Bahamas, will take place on the 20th of December.  Congratulations, Marianne and Martin!

If you have any articles, questions, or suggestions for a future issue of the SWC Online Voices, please send them to the Editor.


Kate Johnston
Editor, SWC Online Voices


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