Cathy Hilden
SWC Registration Committee
c 1999

The SWC San Diego Convention will be held July 12-16,2000.  Information about workshops, fun things, and area attractions are listed on the SWC San Diego Convention website at

The registration form for the convention only is also at this site.  This form must be printed out and mailed to Bonnie (address is on the form), along with your check made out to SayWhatClub-Registration.  If you cannot print the form, send an email to Joannie Nordick at JoniB85598@aol.com and she will snail mail you the form.

The early bird discount is only good until February 29,2000.  After that, the cost of the convention rises by $25.00.  Remember, this fee is only for the convention.  The hotel cost is extra.  There is a separate form for reserving a room at the hotel or you can call the hotel directly.  This form is also on the website.

Reservations for the convention will be opened to non-SWCmembers on January 1, 2000.  After that date, there may be "competition" for hotel rooms.

All those who have sent in their registration form and money, will be added to a special email list. This list will contain only those attending the convention.  On this list, you will be able to find roommates, or make travel arrangements with others.  You will also be able to discuss other convention related things, such as day trips, shopping, dining, etc.  Of course, you do not have to be on this special list if you don't want to be.

A fun time is planned.   This is a wonderful opportunity to meet others of our SWC family.  A time that will live in your memory long after the convention ends.



Elaine Procida
San Diego Fund Raising Committee
c 1999

Hello SWCers:

Plans for our San Diego Convention in July 2000 are coming along great.  Have you checked out our nifty web site at: http://www.saywhatclub.org/swc-events/sdcon.html?

There are expenses involved in holding a convention, especially since we want  this to be the best yet.  Our fund raising committee has been hard at work to raise funding.  But we need all the help we can get.

If you are planning to attend the Convention, please remember that any contributions you obtain may qualify to reduce your registration fee under the rebate program.  For each $100.00 in funds donated, your registration fee would be reduced by $25.00. Please note that ads for the Journal can be sold to qualify for rebates. For information on ad sizes and prices, please contact JazzEeeOne@aol.com.Jazzy is co-ordinating the Souvenir Journal for San Diego.

Can you think of any organization that might be willing to contribute to the  San Diego Convention fund?  Some possible contacts would be employers, businesses that deal with hearing loss, or any organization that might be willing to help.

Any contributions should be made out to Say What Club- San Diego and mailed to the following address:


If you prefer, give us the name and address of a possible contact for funds and we will write to them.

Thanks for any help you can give us.



Marianne Grabania
SWC Silent Auction Committee
c 1999



We need donated items for our Silent Auction, such as: hand-crafted items, jewelry, books, pictures, photographs, hearing-loss related things, restaurant gift certificates, software.  Use your imagination! If you think an SWCer would bid on it, then please donate it!!!!!   Your donations are tax-deductible.  If you would like to make a donation to our Auction, please contact Marianne at Mcg0312@aol.com


Donated items will be displayed on a table. In front ofeach item will be a Bidding Sheet listing the approximate retail value of the item, the minimum starting bid, and the acceptable bidding increments(e.g., increases of $.50, $1, or $5). If you wish to bid on an item, you print your name on the sheet and the amount of your bid. The next bidder must offer a higher amount, increasing their bid by at least the posted acceptable increment amount.

For example, if the minimum bid is $15 with allowable increases of $1, and you bid $15, the next person must up the bid by at least $1 (to $16), and so on.

If you really want an item that you bid on, be sure to check back before the bidding closes to make a final bid. When the bidding closes, the last person who placed a bid gets the item for the amount of their bid. If you are an unsuccessful bidder, you still may be able to purchase the item from the donor. Donors will be listed on a placard by their donated items.

We will accept cash and personal checks. Checks should be made payable to: SayWhatClub.  So if you're coming to the Convention, bring lots of money  -- you'll have fun bidding on some super items and also help the SayWhatClub while you're at it!


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