Book Review

By Carolyn Piper

I’ve Lost My What??? A Practical Guide to Life After Deafness

by Shawn Lovely

I admit to being a bit prejudiced about the book I am about to write about.  The author is a long time friend of mine, so it is hard to be unequivocally unbiased. I knew before I even read it that I would find not only up to date factual information, but glimpse behind the words the sparkling eyes, and humor filled personality, of Shawn himself.

I was not disappointed.

I’ve Lost My What???  is an invaluable resource for those who are new to hearing loss. It is also a valuable read for those, who, like myself, have been deafened, or hard of hearing for some years—but are in need of a refresher course

Those of you who have recently lost significant hearing will find a cornucopia of up to date information. I only wish I had had such a resource 25 years ago when my own hearing faded out. Here you will find not only “how to” information but resources complete with contact information for further exploration. Wondering what an ALD is? Here they are fully covered. Thinking about getting a CI? That too is included. From A to Z the author tells us simply and clearly what we need to know in order to live life to its fullest despite our hearing loss.

For those, like myself, whose hearing loss covers a longer period of time, generous reminders are served up as to why a life without normal hearing is still a life worth living. We all need that reminder from time to time. Living with hearing loss can be tiring and disheartening, and Mr. Lovely is a master of reminding us of the ways in which we can retain, or regain, joy in life without sound.

This is in short a book for everyone—whether you are newly deafened or not. It is also a very good resource book for the relatives of those experiencing hearing loss. It is the work of a man who has “been there” and “done that”—and emerged intact—still able, despite setbacks,  to live life with enthusiasm and joy.

Hats off Shawn!

Shawn Lovley is presently treasurer of ALDA Inc and all profits from this book will go to ALDA. The list price is $15.95.  The book may be ordered by calling the publisher (iUniverse) at 1-877-288-4737 (toll-free, voice), visiting its website at, or going to the on-line bookstore at Amazon.

 copyright© March, 2004


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