SayWhatClub Convention

Minnesota, July 14~18, 2004

While the SWC convention workshops are educational, many people also like to visit attractions in the area. A few of the exciting, educational and fun things to do and see while in the Twin Cities area include:

For those who plan to spend more time and see more of the state, some excellent places to visit are: There are many more attractions, both in the Twin City area as well in other areas of the state, too numerous to mention here. Check out the convention website at the link below to find links to many of these.

The main attraction of all SWC conventions continues to be the chance to meet in person, the people you've gotten to know from e-mails. There is no worry about communication as everyone has a hearing loss. Paper and pens are always available. One of the main comments you will hear from someone who has attended a SWC con for the first time is something like this..."I had no trouble talking with anyone as everybody made sure I could understand what was being said."

Mark your calendars, for July 14-18, 2004 and plan to attend. To register and to see what all is planned as well as the exact location, visit the convention website at

For those who have asked why a mouse is on the website, a correction is in order. :-) It is not a mouse. It is a gopher. The University of Minnesota sports teams are called the Gophers.

Cathy Hilden
SWC MN Con chair


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